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Case Study

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Multiflow is an Oxfordshire Litho/Digital printer that we use as a supplier, who had received a request for a large-format job. Multiflow would usually turn down this type of work, as they do not have the facilities to produce large format in-house. However, as they know we are launching this service, they talked to Geraldine and asked if we would get a price.

We got in touch with Tayprint in Glasgow, because they have the right print profile; we know them well and, most importantly, we TRUST each other. Tayprint worked out a competitive price. Within an hour, Multiflow had a price and won the order. We got the order and placed the order with Tayprint and project-managed as only WEBMART can!

So the client places a job with a printer they know and trust (Multiflow) WEBMART print manage on behalf of Multiflow with Tayprint, who have got a new job with a new client without any cost of sales. We have, as an industry, made buying print a little less scary for the average print buyer. Win-win-win-win-win (Multiflow- WEBMART-Tayprint-Client-Industry).

Quote from Mike Homer at Multiflow

Mike Multiflow

"We have been working with WEBMART for a number of years and are aware of the project they are launching, which enables printers to place work they cannot produce themselves. When we received a suitable enquiry, we immediately thought of going to them, rather than turning the work away”.

“We were very impressed. The price was back to us within the hour. We have been involved with the FPS system and know how fast it is, so are happy that we experienced this equally so, from the client's side”.

“We paid a good price, made a reasonable margin and the goods were delivered on time! I would highly recommend using the system to any printer!"

Mike Homer
Sales Director

WEBMART this month won the European Business Awards 2009 Business Growth Strategy award for its ground-breaking and sustainable procurement model. It is the leader in its field.

Contact: Simon Biltcliffe, Managing Director, at simon.biltcliffe@webmartuk.com.

More information is available through the WEBMART website: www.webmartUK.com.


Founded by entrepreneur Simon Biltcliffe in 1996, WEBMART is the UK’s third largest print management company with no presses. It has a turnover in excess of £37 million, with 36 employees across three locations. The company has a database of over £4 billion of print prices from the past 8 years of online estimating. Customers include Tesco, Blockbuster and The Sunday Times.